Welcome to the really new NHL Hockey pool site! This is a web site where you can run your hockey pool online. The system is designed to be easy to use. All the games and scores are put into the system for you. All your players need to do is Make Picks. After the games are over, the system will automatically calculate the winners.

When you create a Hockey pool, you get your own personal web page. We call that the Personal Page. On that page you have all your programs: Make Picks, Show Picks, Overall Stats, etc. Feel free to create a new pool now and try it out!

NOTE: This is using a FOOTBALL POOL software program, so a lot of the menus say things like "football pool" and "NFL". Don't worry about that, all the games and scores are for NHL games.

You can create as many pools as you like. If you decide not to use your hockey pool, all we ask is that you delete the pool so as to keep the database cleaned up. ("Delete Pool" is an option on the game runner menu). Go ahead and set up your pool using the menu below:

Setup New NHL Pool Modify NHL Pool Make Picks Show Picks
Overall Winners Schedule/Spreads/Scores FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Hockey Pool Information: Contact me at craigh01@gmail.com for more information.